Take a Healthier Lifestyle Approach

Work with Not Your Average Life Coach

If you were raised with bad eating and fitness habits, it can be hard to start healthy ones as an adult. That's where Not Your Average Life Coach comes in. You'll work closely with a personal lifestyle coach who can help you kick bad habits and start new ones that lead to a healthy lifestyle overall.

Laughter is the best medicine

To get to a point where you are truly happy in life, you have to find a lifestyle and routine that works for you. Make the most of those happy moments by creating a better lifestyle for yourself.

Work with Not Your Average Life Coach to improve your:

  • Diet: As a Type 1 diabetic, BJ Garceau has adopted a vegan diet that has helped neutralize blood sugar and insulin dependency.
  • Habits: BJ is also a certified alcohol and drug counselor and can help you maintain healthy habits when it comes to drugs and alcohol.
  • Fitness: BJ can help you create an effective fitness regimen mixed with martial arts, weight lifting and cardio exercises.

Take control of your health and fitness by altering your lifestyle. Call 207-852-4984 today to get started.