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Meet BJ Garceau

Some life coaches only have textbook experience, but not BJ Garceau. BJ has personal experience with the topics she provides services.

She is a...

  • Professional budtender with first-hand knowledge about holistic medicine
  • Ranked MMA fighter who dabbles in running, hiking, weight lifting and parkour
  • Type 1 diabetic thriving off a clean, vegan diet and natural supplements

BJ uses her personal experience as a guide to help you achieve health, happiness and overall self-confidence.

Be Bold. Be Unique. Be You.

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There's nothing more important than feeling happy and confident with every aspect of who you are. If you're ready to make a change mentally or physically, let BJ Garceau from Not Your Average Life Coach be your guide. She has personal life experience and advice to share about leading a healthy, happy and confident life.

Let experience guide the way

Whether you need a life coach, mentor, personal trainer or just a friend, BJ Garceau is here for you. Together, we'll tackle difficult conversations about your health, diet, lifestyle and sexuality with a realistic approach. This way, you can figure out what you want from all aspects of life and take the steps toward achieving your goals.

Let's get to know one another. Call 207-852-4984 today to schedule your initial consultation.